Promotional Products

We have a huge selection of promotional products.  In total we have over 80,000 promotional products all arranged by category to make your search easier.  We can print your logo on just about any advertising product you can think of and plenty of advertising specialty items you may have never considered.


promotional productsWe want to be your preferred vendor of promotional products. If you will be exhibiting in a trade show there are two advertising specialty items we highly recommend. Please consider our light up yo-yo’s because most people won’t have them. When you see someone you’d like to speak with you simply use the yo-yo and people will notice that it lights up. Then you say, “Want a yo-yo” and they will say, “Wow, my kids would love those, could I get two?” and then when you offer the yo-yo’s they will feel obligated to return the favor and ask you about your business. Once that happens then they have given you permission to tell them all about your business.









promotional productsOur other favorite item is tote bags. We like them because people get cheap bags that rip and the handles are thin and hurt their hands. We offer a fabric handle tote bag which is softer on the hands and easier to carry. When we see someone struggling with the cheap bag we offer them ours. They thank us and tell us that other bag was killing their hands. Then they feel obligated to ask us about our business and we have a conversation.

We have seen some business owners hide the giveaways in the back of the booth and offer them only as a reward if people speak with them. The way we see it the promotional products are a bribe that we use to get people to talk with us.

The best part about using tote bags as trade show giveaway items is that everyone leaves and walks around with your logo on their bag. This becomes very discouraging to your competition and we like that!